Managing businesses on behalf of investors

  • Centerra* works with private equity firms and their portfolio companies’ management teams across Europe to create value. It participates in the management of the companies, focusing on key levers for value creation. Centerra assists with strategic redirection, operational improvements, organisational realignment, and negotiations with commercial and financial partners.
  • Centerra brings a private equity ownership approach, working from within the management team of portfolio companies. Combining experience in private equity investment and hands-on operations, Centerra is responsible for delivering performance and results.
  • Previously, Centerra managed several companies on a mandate from their owners, primarily international institutional and family office investors. These companies were involved in developing industrial assets as well as large scale and diversified real estate development projects in Romania.
  • In aggregate, the companies previously managed by Centerra represent over €120m invested in assets and development.
  • Each company managed by Centerra in Romania was formed to purchase and develop specific industrial and real estate assets identified by Centerra as having significant potential. Centerra negotiated the purchase and financing of the assets and built a team of professionals and experts with relevant skills from across Europe to execute on its value creation strategy by creating and managing businesses around these assets.
  • As several development projects were being run in parallel, the organisation managed by Centerra comprised over 100 people, in addition to third party specialist teams assisting on specific projects.
  • Centerra was responsible for the value creation in the businesses it managed and the crystallisation of this value through the sale of the companies or their assets. Centerra exited all the companies it managed in Romania.

                    * Centerra is the trade name of Centerra Capital Partners Ltd and its affiliates

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